Monthly Archives: Jan 2016

Interminable sanding

I have spent the last two weeks doing nothing but sanding to remove all of the system 7 finish on my woodwork. It just looked really tired. I still have some to do in the cabin, but this shot shows the difference between the old finish and bare wood on the cabin table. When it is oiled it will darken a little, but not that much. I have oiled the tiller, and it is a delight to use after the stain. Brush it on, work over it a few times and wipe off the excess.



Rearranging the artwork

I have completely reworked my “boat girl” and given her a new location in the “main” cabin. She looks a bit chilly at the moment, but come the summer…


Winter jobs finally getting done

I have started on Daisy G’s winter maintenance. She had been grossly neglected whilst I have been flirting with my new little Guillemot. The major repairs are done: the crack around the locker lid in the side deck (done a few weeks ago). he gouge in the side where I bashed a buoy and the chewed up edge of the outboard well, where the prop has cut into it when I tried to reverse off a mud bank (unsuccessfully as I remember) The chewed edge was simply filled with thickened epoxy, with a plywood former clamped arorund it to hold it in shap. I covered it in copper tape as an antifoul


The gouge I ground out inside and out and filled with epoxy. This had to be sanded down and filled several times to get a surface I couldn’t feel


Then I decided the old Sikkens 7 wood stain was looking decidedly tired. I want to remove it completely and oil the exposed wood. Seemed a good idea at the time. I have been sanding with a detail sander for over a week now. It is very slow and tedious. I have just about done all of the exterior wood, but I need to do in the cabin as well if it is going to look fresh. That will take another week as it is fiddly. But I think it will all look much better and the wood much lighter.

I’m going to have to really sand down the paint work as well. That should be easier, but there is an awful lot of it. Then I will have to decide about colours…