Monthly Archives: Sep 2016

End of the seasonĀ 

I had Daisy G lifted out, pressure washed and loaded onto her trailer. The warm Indian Summer made up for the poor start to the season. I spent some delightful time anchored of Studland Peninsula but never got further out than Old Harry Rocks. Plans for the Isle of Wight will have to wait for next year. So not too many sea miles, but I did get a good suntan and lots of vitamin D.

The garage is getting very cosy. I had plans to build a strip planked canoe over the winter but I really can’t see how I can fit a building frame into this. Anyone want to buy a Guillemot? 

Daisy’s Dulux blue paint has lasted remarkably well. Just needs some scratches touching up. I got serious fouling by midsummer. I am going to sand the Coppercoat antifouling to see if that revives it. I think it would be a trip to Swallow Yachts if it needs redoing. It should have another three years or so in it. Winter jobs looming, but no major repairs I don’t think.