Monthly Archives: Oct 2016

Winter work startsĀ 

The shed is more than a bit crowded, but I have just about managed to get the four boats in. I’m starting repairs on my dinghy, partly because it has had a hard season, and also so I can prop it up our of the way in a corner when it is finished. 

The main repairs are to the launching wheel on the skeg. This was starting to open up after being bashed on many beaches and docks. I’ve filled in a hollow portion, epoxy filled some gaps and covered the whole thing in fibreglass. Currently undercoating the hull. I’ve taken the rope fender off, as it was coming loose and the cheap rope was so hard it caused as much damage as the bare wood would have. I’ve got some pvc fendering on order which I will fix on next. After painting, the interior just needs a bit of tidying up, and that will be one job done.