Monthly Archives: Dec 2016

Some winter work at last 

Doing some winter maintenance at last. I made one more attempt at fitting a waterproof hatch in one of the under berth lockers. It still leaked badly from the ballast tank last year. I’ve made a new hatch blank, quite a bit larger this time, and spewed two rows of sealant under it. Hope that finally works. 

I was going to finish all the wood work in Deksjoel, but that was going to be quite a job, as it really needs umpteen brushed on layers. I’ve decided on Danish oil instead, as that is literally an oily rag job. Our kitchen worktops are finished in it and it seems very tough. I’ve got three coats on so far and aim for at least five. The plan is to take a can with me on the boat, and wipe things over during the season. 

Thinking further into the future, I’ve signed up for a week’s sailing in the Canary  Islands in Feb 2018 on the Baltic ketch Bessie Ellen. Anyone else fancy a sail on a real sailing boat in some winter sunshine inshallah?