Monthly Archives: Feb 2017

Launching time is only about six weeks away, so I’m getting on with preparations when it isn’t too cold. No painting needed in the cabin, and I have finished most that’s needed outside. Redoing the non slip paint will be a bit of a chore and the anti foul boot topping needs renewal. 

I’m trialing my recent little Studland beach seascape in the cabin. Just held up with blutac whilst I decide on her best location. 

The cabin is beginning to look quite home like again. 


Cockpit table

In amongst scrubbing off old Poole Harbour mud and touching up paint work, I have been working on a new, smaller cockpit table. This will use the infill panel over the sink unit as the table. This will save space and cut down the need for a separate table. 

I needed a socket underneath the infill panel. I laminated a few bits of marine ply, bandsawed it circular and drilled out a central hole with a hole saw. This was a bit lage, so I wrapped the end of the leg in parcel tape, upended it in the hole and filled in around it with epoxy resin. This worked well, but it took a few wallops with a mallet to knock the socket off. After removing the parcel tape, the leg fits in quite snugly enough. 

I have just glued the socket to the underside of the table with polyurethane glue, using improvised clamps to hold it on. 

It works. Slightly odd shape but a much better size than the old table . The table should also fit on top of the boarding ladder platform to give a flat surface for sitting on, diving off, etc. Everything needs to be multifunctional.