Monthly Archives: Mar 2017

Sail repairs 

When I was putting the sails back on the masts I noticed there were two tears in the edge of the mizzen sail, just behind the luff tape. They needed fixing, so I stuck some spinnaker repair tape on each side, and then stitched it all together using a sail makers palm and needles. Felt very much the old sea dog. Sales are more bent on and stowed on the boat, ready for launching. Just need to check the trailer bearings before we go. 


Less than a month to the start of the sailing season. It had better warm up…¬†

Painting touching up finished. The hull didn’t need much, but all of the superstructure needed a new coat. 

I’ve got most of the ropes back on. One day I’ll forget where they all go. Quite possible that I am soon to discover that that day has already arrived…