Monthly Archives: May 2017

Hot weather sailing at last 

Events and weather have prevented any sailing so far, after launch in April, but this week has been perfect. Had three nights on board, with the third being a bit stressful, with thunder and lightning roaring outside. I feel remarkably exposed, sitting in a little, anchored boat, with a tall, carbon fibre mast, in the middle of a thunderstorm, but I survived. 

I didn’t sail far, anchoring each night off the Studland Peninsula and hiking over that extraordinary heathland landscape. I heard cuckoos and nightjars, which made it feel high summer. In some boggy spots there were clumps of carnivorous sundew plants, which I have never noticed before. 

It was hot enough to swim at last and I went in several times, from little beaches in the Harbour… 

And glorious beaches on the seaward side… 

And even in the lake in the middle of the peninsula, which is one of my favourite spots. 

Hottest day of the year and I had most places to myself. I suppose that’s because there are no car parks anywhere near. 

The major downside of the trip was suddenly noticing a foot long split in the base of my mast.

I must have noticed it almost as it happened, as it is right in my life of sight and very obvious. Clearly caused by the wooden mast plug getting wet and swelling. I lowered all sail as soon as I saw it and thinking about it added somewhat to the disturbed, thundery night. 

I phoned Swallow Yachts and they can fix it. Fortunately my mast is still in two sections, as I never got round to gluing them together, so I can get the base section to Swallow Yachts on my roof rack. Took an hour to get it all down and stowed, back in the marina. I have had to leave Nellie Grace, my dinghy, behind as I couldn’t get her and the mast on the roof rack. Hope she is OK. Daisy G looks a little sad without her mast up. Long round trip to Cardigan tomorrow.