More summer sailing

My mast is fixed. Swallow Yachts made an excellent job of it in just a week, even though it meant two round trips to Cardigan to deliver and collect it. They have tidied up the whole base of the mast, including filleting in the house neck strip I bodged on some years ago.

Then I sailed round the Harbour and anchored off Jerry’s Point in a flat calm for the night. Listened to nightjars churring, which is a strange sound in the dark.

It was another pair of glorious days, and I spent much of them rowing, walking and even swimming. The main beaches facing the sea are beautiful and fairly busy. The small beaches facing into the Harbour are absolutely stunning, and you can usually have them to yourself. You also have a fascinating view up to all the shipping and boasts up at the Harbour entrance.

The best swimming place by far is the lake in the middle of Studland peninsula called the little sea. There must be over a thousand holiday makers within quarter of a mile of it, but I have never seen anyone else there. There are still places you can get to yourself.


The towel in the tree is essential for finding your way back.

More hot weather forecast so I hope to get down again soon.


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