Short sunny sail.

Looked like we would have one good day for sailing, so went down to Poole to use it. Spent the morning in Poole itself, going to the museum, which is excellent, and having fresh mussels for lunch at the Poole Arms on the Quayside, which is also excellent. There are interesting ancient boat artifacts in the museum, along with some exquisite pottery.


Sailed up into Bramblebush bay, which had the best of the sun, but it was very windy, so in the evening I motored straight into the wind to Shipstal Point, for a sheltered, quiet night. Surprisingly few boat’s there, only three, considering it is hot and the school holidays.

Flat calm in the morning, so I motored slowly back to Bramblebush, standing all the way for a better view. Spring Tides and very fast currents, so you do have to watch your way. I love spring Tides. The Harbour looks beautiful when it is full to the brim, and fascinating when it nearly empties at low tide. I deliberately grounded for the morning. I am learning where the hard ground is, for drying out. If you dry out on soft mud, you can’t get out of the boat…


I hiked over the Heath to the beach and put in my best beach run to date, so feeling quite smug. Far more pleasant than running on a treadmill in the gym.


Spent the afternoon working up at tan whilst I waited for the water to come back. It comes in at amazing speed. It was only about 15 minutes from the water reaching the boat until I was afloat. Strong winds set in, so I sailed off double reefed. I wasn’t sure how well she would tack like that, but she did perfectly. I battled half way up Blood Alley between Brownsea and Furzey island, but had to give in eventually as I had the tide against me. When I lost the wind between the islands, I didn’t have a hope, just going back and forth on the same line. Started the engine and motored back to the marina.


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