Monthly Archives: Aug 2017

Running on empty…

Managed a couple of nights down on Daisy G. Sunny and warm, but wind, wind, wind. It blew F4-F6 all three days, without let up even at night. From the west,  which means there is hardly any real shelter, although I tried off Furzey Island, Arne Peninsula and even Goathorn Peninsula, which I have never risked before. In all places, it is just too shallow. I was nearly trapped in all. 

I anchored each  night off Shipstal Point, which had the best shelter, but not perfect, so noisy all night. 

I committed an arch crime on the first day. Motoring up to Shipstal, the engine gave the rapid sigh and silence which means only one thing, no fuel. I had checked before I set off, but only a casual shake of the tank, which clearly had told me nothing. Two miles from home in a F5 wind and no engine. Fortunately, I was directly upwind of my marina, so I could sail back. The concern was getting through the moored boats and onto the pontoon without over or under shooting, or crashing into some innocent bystander. I played safe and just used the jib to sail back, but still made over 4kts sometimes, and well over 3kts all the time. By good luck the pontoon was empty and the wind was straight onto it. With a bit of careful playing with the sail, I managed a fairly professional looking landing. No audience, sadly. I now have lots of fuel on board. More than I’ll need for the rest of the season. 


Trailer,  is always the trailer

Haven’t been down to Daisy Grace for a couple of weeks, but I decided it was time I had the trailer serviced. As soon as I took it in, the engineer said the suspension was shot. After he took the old units off, he had to jack it up three inches more to get the new ones on. The trailer now goes much better, even empty. Motto is that if the trailer is more than eight years old, check the suspension units. They aren’t that expensive, £100 for both, and it’s a lot cheaper than a towing failure on the motorway.