Monthly Archives: Sep 2017

Packed away for the winter

Daisy Grace is stowed in her winter quarters, masts off and some of the ropes removed (there are lots). No major jobs planned, just general maintenance. Kathleen, my little guillemot dinghy had not been on the water this year. I am going to put her on the market in the spring, as I don’t think I will be sailing her. She is just too small for me. If anyone is interested in an Iain Oughtred Guillemot, with trailer, please let me know.



End of the season

Daisy Grace is out of the water and back in her winter shed. I’ll start emptying her out over the next few days. No repairs needed, but her paint work needs touching up. A lot of fouling underneath. I think her Coppercoat anti fouling is nearing the end of its life.