Monthly Archives: Apr 2018

Jolly flooring


I found a cheap, non slip mat at Lidls of all places, which had made a surprisingly good, soft floor covering in the cabin. Bit garish, but so what. There was even enough left over to make a mat for sitting on in the sauna, so I won’t scorch my bottom again. That’s got to be a good thing. Not bad for £5.50


First outing of the year.

Can’t claim it is the first sail, I’ve only had the mizzen working. It’s really very windy. I motored over to Brownsea Island to get some shelter. Raised the main and jib at anchor to get the inevitable tangles sorted out. Then motored round to Furzey Island where I am staying for the night due to being firmly aground. It’s a very low tide. Fabulous bird life around. Mergansers, red throated divers, great crested grebes and all the more usual ones. Not another boat around, but tomorrow is forecast to be the hottest day since last August. Hope its true. I can start working on my tan. Cooked dahl for dinner, which was surprisingly easy. Cold night ahead.

Start of the season.

Daisy G is back on her mooring. Towed her down without incident, apart from one trailer mudguard breaking off… Raised all the masts without any problem. Felt it was too easy and it was. One pulley up the mast had capsized and the lazyjacks were jammed. Had to lower the whole lot back down to utangle it. Fortunately it all went back up without catching on anything. Haven’t raised the jib yet, but apart from that, she is all ready to sail. And next week is forecast to be hot and sunny!