Monthly Archives: May 2018

To Brownsea and beyond

The weather has been holding, so I grabbed another couple of days down on Poole. Kept up my beach running, and according to my watch, I am in the top 9% of my age group. I think that is the group “very ancient”. I anchored near Brownsea and went ashore a few times. It’s a lovely island, and they do an excellent bacon sandwich at the CafĂ©. The wildlife there is spectacular and very tame.

The views from the cliff tops are also excellent, and have formed a basis of some of my paintings.

I saw the little Willowbay Shilling Margerite which is a lovely little boat. She still looks brand new, although I’ve seen her here for several years.

After taking the bottom over night, I found the centreboard was jambed tight with pebbles or mud. The table lifted well, but I could not push the board down with anything I tried. Couldn’t get enough force on it. Then I realised that my square frying pan just fitted in the slot, with a few inches sticking up. I stood on it, jumped up and down and the board finally popped down. You never know what will come in handy. There was a bit of rain so I had breakfast on the folded down table, which I don’t often use. I need to sit cross legged to fit in.


Scorching cruising at last

This early May bank holiday has been declared the hottest on record, and I had the good fortune to spend it afloat on Poole Harbour. It really was warm, recording 30C in my cabin , which I’ve never seen before . I didn’t go far ,spending most of the time cruising and anchoring on the inside and outside of Studland peninsula .


I anchored in different spots, off Furzey island one night, Shipstal Point the second and Redhorn Quay the last. I also made good use of the public loos behind the scout camp on Brownsea Island , which are excellent. I’ve yet to see if they have got showers there…

Some of the cruising had to be under motor because of lack of wind , although it blew up into severe squalls on Tuesday .


The squalls caused a near disaster on the Tuesday . I was on the beach, near Jerry’s Point, looking at Daisy G riding to anchor. I almost thought she looked like she was moving. Then I realised that she really was moving, dragging her anchor. I was half a mile from my dinghy, which is now probably the fastest beach run I have done . Then I had to row down wind for half a mile to catch up with Daisy , who was about 100yds from the Lee shore. Fortunately, the engine started easily and I motored back out to deeper water.


On checking the anchor, I found that I had dropped it right onto a great block of seaweed , and that had prevented it from digging in. I know I should have motored in reverse to check it’s holding, but it was flat calm when I anchored.

Apart from that little excitement, I spend some time every day swimming in the Little Sea in the centre of the peninsula. It is the most beautiful spot, no one goes there and the water is warm .

But it got so warm that even the sea in the Harbour was warm enough for swimming by Tuesday. First time I have swum in the sea in May, I think.

I prefer the beaches on the Harbour side of Studland. They are smaller , very beautiful and hardly visited . Studland beach on the sea is beautiful and I like to go there for a morning run, but I head back to the Little Sea and the Harbour beaches for the rest of the day. It is idyllic. One of my favourite of all places.