Two days back on the boat

I’m not going to be able to do any sailing in July, so I have been grabbing short sessions down at Poole when I can . The forecast wasn’t great, but it turned out better than expected. I even managed to go browner and have a short, rather silly swim. Very windy during the daylight, although calm at night, which was a relief. If it is windy I get very little sleep, it is just so noisy. I spend most of the night clambering up on deck trying to track down that INFURIATING RATTLE!

Being windy, I experimented with short rig variations. She sails well without the mizzen, but it is much harder to make a clean get away from an anchorage. She sails beautifully down and cross wind with just jib and mizzen. A very relaxing way to sail as there is no leaning and no crashing about of booms. Double reefed with all three sails is beautiful in a strong wind, and that is how I sailed most of the time.

Explored some Harbour beaches that I don’t use much normally as they are quite busy, because they are close to a road. They were empty these days, because of the wind, even though they were very sheltered. Swimming here is almost impossible because the water is so shallow, but that does make it warm.

My silly swim was to try to recover a tent pole I had been using to support my cockpit cover. It worked beautifully until I managed to catapult it into three metres of opaque, turgid water. It sank like a stone, or rather a bit faster, as it was going at some speed when it hit the water. I got out my snorkel, mask and flippers and tried to find it, without success. Partly due to the water being impenetrable but mainly because I kept forgetting to stop breathing through the snorkel when diving. Sea water really is remarkably salty when you’ve had a few mouthfuls. Must practice more…

The heather is in full bloom which is beautiful. Saw black tailed godwits and a grey plover, which are both rare around here in the summer.

Forecast for the weekend is looking promising…


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