Winter work progresses

Lots of jobs getting completed on Daisy Grace. I’ve cut some limber holes on either side of the stern deck. Water and filth tended to collect here. Now hopefully it will all drain into the scuppers.

I’ve replaced the two small cabin LED lights with a single, much brighter one. This is switched, so I can do away with the separate switch and all its wiring. Also renewed the conduiting, which was filthy and uncleanable.

GPS unit moved up higher, so all of my instruments are much more at eye level when sailing.

New outboard well blanking plate made and fitted, to replace the one that floated away in the summer. It is hinged and in two parts, so hopefully will allow the engine to cut in easily and won’t float away.

Apart from that, I have sanded all of the exposed wood back to bare wood, and started oiling it. Eight coats of Danish oil on the gunwhales, just seven more to go. Then the rest of the wood to oil before I start on paint.


2 thoughts on “Winter work progresses

    1. Julian Post author

      I smeared epoxy over the cut edge. Got to keep the water out. Danish oil is easy to apply, but dribbles everywhere. If you don’t wipe it up, it becomes immovable



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